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Vote for Peace! This is an initiative where your voice can be heard and have a direct impact on policy making at the EU level. There's a continent-wide campaign to promote civil peace services and engage with Members of the European Parliament for them to actively support this practical, realistic and achievable step for peace. Share this with your friends, post it on your Facebook, send it out over e-mail, and take a moment to make a small, easy, and important contribution to 'building peace'.

In October a series of events will be held in Brussels to help promote civil peace services at the EU level and in each European country. Your signature can help make a real difference there. While this campaign focuses on Europe, it would be wonderful to have support from different countries outside of Europe.

Europe, Vote for Peace!

In June 2009, European citizens in 27 member states were invited to elect their representatives at the European Union level. During the next five years the 736 Members of European Parliament (MEPs) will play an important role in shaping the future of the European Union (EU).

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