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Building resilience in rural communities: toolkit

Authors: D. Hegney; H. Ross; P. Baker; et al.;
Publisher: The University of Queensland and University of Southern Queensland and Learning for Sustainability.
Year Published: 2008

'This toolkit is the outcome of a three year research project examining resilience in a rural community.
The study, titled ‘Identifying models of personal and community resilience that enhance psychological
wellness: A Stanthorpe Study’ aimed to clarify what factors contribute to peoples positive adaptation to
living in a rural community. The toolkit consists of a series of information sheets explaining the purpose of the toolkit and outlining 11 resilience concepts found to be pivotal in enhancing
individual and community resilience. The toolkit is designed to be used by program coordinators such as community workers, health professionals, and others working with individuals and groups in the community, including voluntary or commercial groups and community leaders—for example, scout or girl guide leaders, youth group coordinators or sports group coaches.'

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