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"Time to demand more from our politicians"

I don’t remember the last time I listen to the radio. Why/ because it's either NDC this or NPP that, selfish politicians and money hungry networks, sorry guys, but I am just tired of you all.

Why can't we have a more informative and progressive discussions on our airwaves? Why can't we discuss how to make our roads more motor able? What about sourcing funds for the construction of more decent school buildings for our young generation learning under trees?

The World Bank and IMF cannot do this for us. We need to demand more from these gluttons called politicians.

Where is your honor? Why cants you argue that you built the most awesome first class university sub of the Sahara?

Why are you not anxious to construct a cutting edge top-notch teaching hospital in the whole of West Africa?

Why must a blessed nation like mother Ghana, have its children go hungry?

Mother, why are you sitting unperturbed whiles we go hungry? We have no good schools to compete internationally? Why must we travel miles just to attend an Ivy League?

Why can't we have them chasing ours'? Mother, "shake them gluttons up" let them see you tears, open their ears to her the cry of your children.

I choose to be responsible and affect my generation, mother. I pledge I will make a difference, even if I die trying. Africa deserve selfless leaders, Ghana deserves hard-working, sacrificing, inspirational and determined leaders.

We deserve the best. Remember, better is the enemy of good, and best is the enemy of better. Which one are you? Ghana, Ghanaians, its possible.

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Comment by Saji Prelis on May 12, 2011 at 7:51pm

Thank You for sharing this.  You should organize Your friends and colleagues (other young people) and engage in a constructive dialogue about what concrete actions can young people take to make our countries better, our elected officials more accountable, our institutions more vibrant.

I would like to encourage all to share their ideas on this.



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