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The august 4th exercise was an indicator that Kenyans are critically in need of reforms; in this note one can actually read the rate at which the Kenyan citizens have matured both morally,
mentally and politically.

According to my own view, the exercise marked the end of “our people are being targeted” thing when some people/politicians are found to have been engaged in scandals. You can imagine the massive voting with willingness,
focus and determination, this shown me that the citizens especially the young people have therefore understood
their role (s) in electoral and democratic process to embrace change that we can
believe in.

The constitution that resulted from Lancaster conference that was then replaced or overthrew by the efforts of Kenyans in august 4th 2010 embraced multiparty system of politics, devolved
government which had checks and balances on the operations of the government
and its organs, unfortunately, it was later amended without public consultation,
citizen participation in the decisions to amend, the changes were therefore to  suit the interests of few individuals that saw
the president powerful and so above the law. In this regard, the then Kenyan
presidents are referred to as governor generals, the new constitution, saw
President Mwai Kibaki mark the end the governor general regime.

The impunity, corruption, police brutality, ignorance of the rule of law and high violation of human rights that are experienced in Kenya today are the seeds that were planned during this period
of general governorship. It was until 2007 that the planned seeds germinated
simply in the name of post election violence. If we want to know where we are
going or our future ambitions as country and citizens, we first of all need to
know our history simply by analyzing the past and the current situations, Kenya
is beautiful, colorful, rich in natural resources and culture but it is
overtaken, overlapped and ruled by selfish individuals with their own
interests, this must come to an end if we want to realize and truly be proud of
our country Kenya which therefore the 4th august informed that need, the young people must be in the upfront lead of this cause simply because the future of Kenya lies on their efforts. 

The new law transferred the sovereign power from the state to the people. Chapter one of the new law states that “the sovereign power belongs to the people and shall be exercised according to this
constitution” this gives the citizens not only right to demand but also the
power to hold their leaders accountable with authority, it is no longer begging
but demanding, it is our solidarity that will determine the realization of this
rights and exercise of these powers.

On leadership and devolved government that many have a lot of expectation, I would like to warn of selfish and self interested individuals in the name of professionals  that are now strategizing to take up the
positions created by the constitution and to manage the 15% national revenue
allocation to the county governments, individuals in the name of professionals
are meeting in high profile hotels to strategize for the positions and this
needs the citizens to be vigilant, every citizen is a professional in his/her
own field, therefore no one deserves to be more  professional and know better the development
plan of each county better than the citizen at the community level who
understands better the priority needs of the people in that particular

To achieve this, the citizens need to be aware of the opportunities and their rights provided by the constitution.  The citizens will have to make themselves conversant with contents of the constitution in order for the benefits of the
constitution to be felt and realized. On this note, the citizens also need to
embrace each other, recognize and observe each other’s rights, the rule of law
and live together in peace to solidify the unity to embrace change.

For the devolved government to benefit the citizens and meet its objectives, we are aware of the large sums of money that are yet to be devolved in to our counties, the citizens as well need to be able
to demand accountable and transparent management of the current devolved funds
if they are to be able to manage the 15% equivalent to over 3 billion
allocation for counties. There are many available handbooks and resource
materials on citizen’s participation on devolved funds development that provide
a variety of skills and knowledge on education and guidelines of monitoring and
evaluation and tools. The citizens and citizen organized groups should take
this opportunity for the benefit of the people in long term plan entrenching it
to suit the devolved system of government being implemented to hold in to
account and demand for better management of the current about 14 devolved funds
in order to prepare themselves for the same exercise come the establishment of
the devolved government.


Timothy kiprono kipsara

Community Development Organization of Kenya - Codeo-Kenya

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Comment by Timothy kiprono Merchkizo on January 4, 2011 at 3:51am

Thank you saji,

I will try to fine tune and identify the roles young should play in this document, of cuase kenya's future shall be determined by the young generation, then i should have really emphsized on the roles of the young generation, but never mind, i will do that.


Best regards


Comment by Saji Prelis on January 3, 2011 at 6:38am

Hi Timothy,

Thank You for sharing this blog post.  Could You please focus on the role youth play in this transition setting? For example, the role young people play in the security sector (or community security), or the perceptions of how the local funds should be allocated or prioritized to ensure that young people are engaged in decision making processes.

Thank You Timothy



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