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Deadline: 1 January 2017

Nominations are open for 2017 Public Peace Prize with an aim to foster greater recognition for peacemakers and peace initiatives around the world by the general public: on local, national and international levels.

The Public Peace Prize is the only peace prize in the world based on the public’s choices that helps make better known people and initiatives working for peace and reconciliation, non-violence and mutual aid.

Proposing Candidate

  • Anyone can propose a person or a peace initiative.
  • Any person or initiative is eligible that contributes to bringing a little more tolerance, understanding, mutual aid, solidarity, inclusion, reconciliation, non-violence or peace to the world.
  • The Nominator have to describe the reasons why he/she think it’s important that the proposed person or initiative be publicly recognized for their contribution to peace, by sending a minimum of a half-page text along with several photos.
  • In order for the person or the initiative to be officially nominated to the Public Peace Prize, the proposition should be validated, by the public, with at least 10 or more support letters (about 10 lines of text sent by email) or in the form of comments that add up to 100 lines of text.
  • The candidates or initiatives who did not win the previous year are automatically re-nominated the following year.

How to Vote

  • By adding “bravo”, “thank you” or any other adjective showing appreciation on the website, as well as “Likes” on Facebook, which are both worth 1 vote.
  • Sharing the nomination on Facebook is worth 2 votes.
  • Comments of appreciation on the site or on Facebook are worth 3 votes.

How to Apply

Interested applicants can register themselves for the prize via given website.

For more information, please visit 2017 Public Peace Prize.

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