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Author: Zahid Shahab Ahmed Khan Zeb


Since its independence from the British in 1947, Pakistan has been facing several internal and externalsecurity challenges, for example the conflict with India, insurgency in East Pakistan etc. A combination ofsuch challenges led to its disintegration in 1971 when Pakistan’s eastern part became Bangladesh. Thecountry’s direct involvement in the Afghan-Soviet War is a major reason of contemporary securitytroubles, such as terrorism and religious extremism. Nonetheless, a major wave of terrorism surfaced after2002. Since then, terrorist attacks have indiscriminately targeted places like market places, hotels,religious and social gatherings, schools, religious places (mosques, churches, temples), public venues etc.This wave of terrorism has also directly affected the lives of religious minorities in Pakistan. As this trendhas continued for well over a decade, it is timely to access the impacts of terrorism on the country and thefuture generation – youth. This paper explores impacts of terrorism on Pakistan and its youth.
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Source: Journal of People’s Studies. Volume 1 Issue 2 | 40

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