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International Funding for Youth and Youth-led Organizations

Importance of Youth Projects and Why NGOs should focus on implementing Projects on Youth Development In 1985, the United Nations General As…

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Funding Opportunities

Please share information pertaining to grants, scholarships, contracts and other kinds of funding opportunities for youth programs

434 Oct 11, 2017
Twilio Impact Fund Grant 2017 (Up to $50,000)
by Saji Prelis

Youth Transforming Violent Extremism

Resources, toolkits, guides, reports campaigns and evaluations pertaining to this topic

6 May 9, 2017
Role of Youth: Countering Violent Extremism, Promoting Peace
by Andrew J Daniels

Inter-Agency Consultation Process and Activities

This section will include some of the key consultations that focus on programming; accountability and coordination of youth initiatives and inter-agency efforts related to these issues.

7 Oct 24, 2016
2016 Global Youth Development Index
by Saji Prelis

Youth Programming and Participation

Please add info pertaining to good programming around youth participation models

155 Jul 25, 2017
Learn how to deliver effective programs to support youth Political Participation
by Saji Prelis

Research, Survey Data and Evaluations from/of Youth Programs

This space is to help all practitioners and students learn from one another in an effort to design better, conflict-sensitive programs. Therefore, please share anysurvay data, methodologies, log frames, program evaluations, evaluation reports, indicators, and other tools You have used successfully.

168 May 4, 2017
Systematic Review of Positive Youth Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
by Saji Prelis

Youth and Peacebuilding

Please share any reports, publications, concept papers, research papers that you find on this topic.

39 Oct 26, 2016
The ROle of Youth in Peacebuilding: Challenges and Opportunities
by Saji Prelis

Youth and Violence

Please share any information pertaining to violence mitigation and prevention. Also, innovative gang rehabilitation programs, after school programs that prevent gang violence, or other innovative projects and programs that have addressed how young people can avoid being victims of violence.

66 Apr 6, 2017
Entry Points for Preventing Youth Engagement in Political Violence: Lessons from Burundi’s 2015 Elections
by Saji Prelis

Innovative Youth Programs

Please feel free to share Your ideas and experiences around designing and managing innovative youth programs. Especially youth programs that have been designed in areas affected by conflict.

84 Jun 3, 2018
Youth Leadership is Transforming Development by Podcast USAID
by Saji Prelis

Theories of Change

Please share (from what you have been involved in or found online) conceptual frameworks for articulating and mapping youth programs' theories of change - or the core, often implicit, assumptions about how change happens that guide practitioner's intervention design.

30 Aug 31, 2011
DFID/PACS Paper: Working with Civil Society to Tackle Social Exclusion Theory of Change
by Saji Prelis

Youth, DDR and Post Conflict Transition

Please share reports, publications, articles, research on this topic. Pay special attention to the role young girls and women play w/in the DDR framework and share that information.

27 Jun 25, 2014
Child Soldiers and Security Sector Reform: A Sierra Leonean Case Study
by Saji Prelis

Youth Bulge Related Issues

Share your thoughts, reports, publications around challenges and opportunities that exist around the notion of youth bulge. Including security, demographics, etc...

26 Apr 26, 2017
Youth and the Rule of Law in Sub-Saharan Africa
by Saji Prelis

Youth and Livelihood

‘livelihood’ deals with people, their resources and what they do with these. Livelihoods essentially revolve around resources (such as land, crops, seed, labour, knowledge, cattle, money, social relationships, and so on), but these resources cannot be disconnected from the issues and problems of access and changing political, economic and socio-cultural circumstances. Livelihoods are also about creating and embracing new opportunities. While gaining a livelihood, or attempting to do so, people may, at the same time, have to cope with risks and uncertainties, such as erratic rainfall, diminishing resources, pressure on the land, changing life cycles and kinship networks, epidemics such as HIV/AIDS, chaotic markets, increasing food prices, inflation, and national and international competition. These uncertainties, together with new emerging opportunities, influence how material and social resources are managed and used, and on the choices people make. Please share the role youth play in this complex interplay.

98 Jul 27, 2015
Evaluations of outcomes for children and youth from NGO-supported microeconomic interventions: a research synthesis
by Saji Prelis

Psycho-Social Programming and Youth

Share your thoughts, innovative programs, indigenous approaches and conflict sensitive approaches that address psycho-social needs of vulnerable youth populations.

16 Nov 22, 2013
Child soldiers: passive victims?
by Saji Prelis

Girls and Young Women and Conflict

Share gender based programming info.

66 Mar 12, 2013
Boys for change - moving towards gender equality
by anna conn

Youth, Media, and Technology

Share reports, videos and others relating this topic

45 Jan 12, 2016
Using Minecraft for Youth Participation in Urban Design and Governance
by Saji Prelis

Organizational and Other Resource Websites

Please share key websites, youth-led organizations and other resources.

86 Jan 30, 2014
Teaching and learning: Achieving quality for all The 2013/4 Education for All Global Monitoring Report
by Saji Prelis

Interfaith, Intercultural Dialogue for Youth

2 Jul 14, 2011
An Interfaith Generation Unwilling to Wait
by Saji Prelis

Environment, Conflict and Youth

Please share resources pertaining to climate change, the environment, disaster risk reduction, education and climate change, as they pertain to youth in conflict affected areas

9 Feb 15, 2013
The Youth Guide to Biodiversity
by Saji Prelis


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