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México City, May 11, 2012

Foro de Delegados Juveniles Y20 / Y20 Mexico Delegates Summit

President Calderón engaged in an interactive dialogue with university representatives of the working groups of the Youth 20 Mexico Delegates’ Summit and received the final document with the conclusions submitted by the young people after their meeting in Puebla.

The representatives of the working groups, formed during the Youth Smmit, asked the president a total of nine questions directly linked to issues that Mexico, as G20 Chair, established for this year. In regard to the question on the influence of young people in the green economy, the president answered that the false dilemma between economic growth and environmental care should be overcome. He added that support should be given to innovative projects, particularly those involving clean energies such as wind and solar energy, in addition to the gradual elimination of fossil fuel subsidies. In regard to the way the document with the young people’s proposals will be submitted to the other G20 leaders, the president declared that it will be taken into account and said that he was open to proposals to effectively convey the main conclusions in the document.

In regard to youth unemployment, the president stated that Mexico requires a labor reform that will permit the hiring of young people by the hour, enabling them to work while they study. He added that the expansion of educational coverage to higher education, investment in human capital, credits for Small and Medium Businesses created by young people and exploiting competitive advantages in manufacturing and technological innovation are crucial to supporting youth. Later on, on the subject of food security, he identified the implementation of new technologies, training for farmers and the regulation of financial markets as the main issues to be resolved. President Calderón ruled out deforestation as a solution to the problem and declared that the agricultural surface cultivated should not be extended and that instead, agricultural technology should be revolutionized worldwide.

One young person asked the president how to guarantee the monitoring and follow-up of the conclusions reached in the Youth 20 Mexico Delegates Summit, to which he replied that technology is on young people’s side and encouraged them to arrange virtual summits by using the Internet. As for the migration of the world’s countries towards renewable energies, President Calderón declared that it is essential to boost the population’s awareness and inform them that this migration entails the elimination of fossil fuel subsidies. He added that this migration process should be gradual and include direct, focused transfers to offset the gradual elimination of gasoline subsidies. He explained how Mexico has supported focused energy programs, with a current net positive value, which creates savings for both families and governments.
Another issue he explored was the promotion of international trade. Although he explained that protectionist policies mainly harm consumers, as a result of which the free market must be promoted internationally, he explained that the State must act as a supervisor to solve problems of inequity that arise from the natural dynamic of markets.

President Calderón added that certain strategic sectors for economic growth, traditionally controlled by the State, require a new legal framework that will permit the participation of the private sector and the formation of strategic alliances with the Stock Exchange, as in the case of Petrobras. Lastly, he called for the legal security of investments to be guaranteed in a respectful fashion through dialogue, placing reason above nationalism.

 Source: Youth20 Mexico

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