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Unemployment: The Pain that comes from the World we live today




World mishaps are not a secret anymore. Economic downturns cannot be hidden as the world takes total economic lapse. Currently the world is faced with, or rather to be more specific the Euro zone is anticipating a looming recession as it tackles its sovereign debt crisis. Should the rumors be true and another recession hit, maybe far worse than the economic crisis in 2008, everyone will feel the pang of its repercussion. The youth in particular will suffer more as more of this age group are faced with unstable jobs, underemployment and unemployment.

According to UN statistics, there are more than 1.2 billion youth population; more than 160 million of people are unemployed and 40 % of them are youth (16-24 years). Having a degree or certificates is no longer collateral to guarantee attaining a job. Some governments instead of cushioning their budgets to accommodate the creation of more jobs for the youth especially, are adopting measures of downsizing workforce and freezing new posts. These are measure that can utterly impoverish the youth, especially the unemployed. Some already have given up on a search for jobs and feel they have no future, some to the extent of believing they have trained for a "world that doesn't exist".

With all these occurrences one may ask what can really be done? This calls for a paradigm shift in the youth. Survival is not found only in working for someone and earning your wages at the end of the month. The youth should be spear headers of business entrepreneurship and take advantage of social network platforms to make business partnerships. They should not despise humble beginnings; that is, not being ashamed of starting small though they hold high qualifications academically.

Youth should take advantage of government schemes and loans to fund business startups. This is the time for the youth to stop waiting upon governments to create jobs for them or waiting for job interviews in the private sectors but rather they should take the initiatives to improve their lives. Though the youth should be agents to change their own world, it does not negate the fact that governments and private sectors should not do their
responsibilities towards their citizens.

The world is changing; we need to adjust to the changes that come along wit it. This is a time for change; arise as a youth to do something about your present situation and your upcoming future. Do not wait for someone to
change your world for you. Your life is in your own hands to develop.

Arise and shine!


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