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If what is going on in the Arab nations, is anything to talk about, then the future leaders of this continent are demanding for more.

Why must our rights as voters be taken for granted by the very people who claim to want the best for us?

Why have the older generation wasted all the resources of our continent? Greed: Pure and simple greed. Wanting to reap from where they haven’t sowed.

Its time we the next generation of leaders, take our destiny into our hands and demand for accountability, integrity and respect from the older folks, after all they have wasted our resources and “left us with their mess to clean up”.

Why must a continent blessed with so much, be the poorest in the world?

All we want or ever wanted was to be listened too, allowed to contribute to national issues and nation building.

I refuse to be corrupted by their greed; I stand for honesty, respect and integrity.

What are you waiting for?

I urge all the youth on this wonderful continent to stand for the right virtues, lets our generation think more and leave a proud legacy for our children.

When voting for your leaders, access them and choose because they do have the right tools to deliver, lets our generation stand for making Africa, what its meant to be.

Good Luck, be the change you want to see in the world.

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