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Regional Overview:The State of Youth in Asia and the Pacific

  • The Asian and Pacific region is home to over 45% of the world's youth, amounting to around 700 million young people.
  • Within this region, a number of sub regional disparities exist:
    • South Asia is the most youthful sub region: It is home to 26% of the entire world's youth, with youth representing up to 20% of its population
    • In South-East Asia and the Pacific, youth constitute 18% of the population
    • In East Asia, 16% of the population qualifies as youth
  • While this region is presently the most dynamic in the world in terms of economic development, many young people still lack adequate employment opportunities:
    • Regional youth unemployment rates are over 10% and are 3 times greater than those of adults.
  • In the region, those aged 10 to 24 face high health risks related to drugs and reproductive issues, in fact, they account for about 1 in 2 all new HIV infections.

The Asian and Pacific region has been experiencing rapid development in its social and economic spheres over the course of recent decades. It is home to great diversity and tremendous opportunities, and many young people have managed to benefit from such social and economic dynamism. The fact that the East Asia subregion is home to the world’s lowest level of youth unemployment (8 per cent) demonstrates this reality quite plainly.


This Fact Sheet was prepared by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the United Nations Programme on Youth. It is part of a series of Fact Sheets developed under the coordination of UNPY to support the International Year of Youth.

Click here to download and read the full Fact Sheet.

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