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Reflections on Peacebuilding Evaluations

As peacebuilding practitioners, we have struggled to articulate the impact of our work that goes beyond the basic numbers. In the struggle to do so, we have to take a minute to reflect on how far we have come, the pitfalls that still exist and the long road ahead. To me, I approach this field from the perspective of how we could learn to be more accountable to the partners and communities we work in. In doing so, how can these same partners and communities hold us (outsiders) more accountable and to ensure our collaborative work is really making a deep and meaningful impact? With this in mind, I wanted to introduce You to a set of articles on this topic of evaluation of peacebuilding programs.

New Routes, a journal of peace research and action, 3/2008, volume 13, published by the Life and Peace Institute brings together several key articles written by a splendid group of evaluators, scholars and practitioners.

You can find them here:

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