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Youth Version of the 2012 EFA Global Monitoring Report: "Youth and skills: Putting Education to Work"

Twelve outstanding young editors collaborated to create the youth version of the 2012 EFA Global Monitoring Report.  The  editors shared their perspectives on the findings of the EFA and added immensely to the discourse around youth and skills development. This vibrant version of the EFA brings forth the power of youth agency by highlighting various cases where young people have taken the lead in creating the change they desire. Additionally, the report engaged young people from various parts of the world by inviting them to reflect on their experiences and share their perspectives for the way forward.
The young editors concluded the report by sharing clear recommendations for governments and policy makers. They highlighted the need for more relevant education that engages with emerging issues such as digital technology, green economy and sustainable energy to inform skills development and training. Finally, the youth call on readers to join the call to Action to Youth; because they believe with more support, they can be the change!

Click here to download and read full report

Sources: INEE Adolescent Youth Task Team February Newsletter

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