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As a youth organization our aim is to enable young people to develop their leadership skills and to be empowered to speak out on issues they care about. For the very first time, WAGGGS is now offering access to this expertise through our new, free and open to anyone online leadership training. 


Today the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is launching i-Lead, our unique, experiential and interactive leadership course provided through our award winning e-learning platform GLOW (Global learning online through WAGGGS). i-Lead is part of the UPS Foundation and WAGGGS’ commitment to provide leadership opportunities to all. Anyone aged over 16 can take part in the course. The course is free, open to all, online and flexible. The course is written by experts in global leadership.


i-Lead is split into five progressively more challenging modules. Each module contains seven 20 minute sessions which are self-directed and interactive and which can be done anytime, anywhere. You will learn about topics such as cross-cultural communication, emotional intelligence, leadership theory and motivation. Participants can join discussion groups with other students on the course from around the world. You do not have to be a Girl Guide or Girl Scout to take the course and you can sign up any time…

i-Lead is currently only available in English but it will be available in other languages shortly.

Spread the word to your friends… We want the world to benefit from 100 years of achieving excellence in leadership …


If you would like promotional materials for this free online course or if you have any questions, please contact us


Sign up for i-Lead in five easy steps…

1.       Visit

2.       Register your details for the i-Lead course

3.       Complete each of the seven 20 minute sessions of Module 1: i-Discover, whenever and wherever you want

4.       Join in international discussions with other participants doing the course

5.       Receive your badge and move on to Module 2

Five reasons why you should do the i-Lead course

1.       i-Lead offers you free, flexible and open access to a unique and international leadership course available online.

2.       The course has five modules, which become increasingly in-depth and challenging and support you to progress along a leadership journey

3.       The course is written by experts in global leadership and has been extensively tested with girls and young women around the world

4.       The course is delivered in small and manageable self-directed sessions which are interactive and which you can do as and when you want

5.       You will gain different perspectives from around the world by joining discussion groups with other participants doing the course

How do you qualify to join the programme?

  • ·         You do not have to be a leader already, you may just be interested in developing your leadership skills
  • ·         You do not have to be a Girl Guide or Girl Scout
  • ·         You can be male or female
  • ·         You must speak English, French or Spanish
  • ·         You have to be 16 or over and have access to the internet

What you can expect at the end of the course? 

  • ·         A greater understanding of leadership theory
  • ·         Practical leadership skills you can utilize in your personal and professional development
  • ·         A global perspective on leadership
  • ·         Access to a global network of other participants who have completed the course


Best regards,



Anush Aghabalyan

Senior Advocacy Coordinator

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

Direct Phone: +44 20 7433 6462

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