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Measuring Impact of Youth Programs in Conflict Areas Report of an Inter-Agency Symposium

The purpose of this symposium was to initiate an inter-agency effort to rethink and define applicable youth-in conflict program indicators as well as evaluation strategies and tools. Drawing on past efforts, tools and frameworks, the symposium sought to encourage fresh thinking and promise new efforts in practice among headquarters specialists and within academia. This meeting generated:

• An indicative agenda of issues and initial points for action.
• Agreement to form an informal inter-agency task group to pursue this agenda.
• Clarification of a general goal of inter-agency evaluation strategies and tools for youth-in-conflict.

The symposium served as a forum to assess the field and re-energize inter-agency exchange. As such, the symposium was an important first step of an ongoing process. The report of the symposium takes the form of findings regarding the issues and starting points for action.

Creator: The Center for Peacebuilding International

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